The solution to poor payment that works for all

Work in Construction?

ProjectPay works for you by ensuring you get paid every time, on time and making the payment process easier and faster for everyone

How ProjectPay Works

ProjectPay creates value across the construction value chain

ProjectPay for Subcontractors

Making you part of the payment process

ProjectPay for Principal Contractors

Build better relationships with your subcontractors

ProjectPay for Project Owners

Manage projects and contractors easier and faster

Tired of non-payment and late payments?

ProjectPay offers a secure and transparent payment process for builders, subcontractors and construction clients.

With ProjectPay, payments and retentions are held in project trust accounts with a government-authorised bank that makes sure your funds are protected against delayed payment or non-payment as a result of business failures, liquidation and bankruptcy. All project payments are linked to applications for payment making sure you can easily track the status of your payments online.

Enjoy peace of mind knowing your pay is secure and will be paid on time

ProjectPay empowers you with notifications to ensure that your payment rights are adhered to in accordance with the relevant laws.  It ensures industry compliance to legislation.

ProjectPay protects payments for all parties in the contractual supply chain.

It removes the administrative burden of Project Bank Accounts and Cascading Statutory Trusts on the industry.

Be in control with ProjectPay

“Know when you will be getting paid by checking online”

Terry HoffmanTerry uses ProjectPay to submit his invoices

“ProjectPay allows me to manage my jobs in less than half the time”

Tristan ReinTristan uses ProjectPay to manage invoices, submit variations, track his retentions and minimise disputes

“No more delays getting my variations approved.”

Nick ChesterNick uses ProjectPay to manage his applications for payment

ProjectPay creates value across the construction value chain